Site 13: Parish Hall

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Original entrance to Parish Hall shown in 1993. This entrance stood where the doors from the Narthex to hall lobby now connect the hall to the church.

The Parish Hall was built in 1986 to provide a much-needed larger space and kitchen for community gathering.  The hall was put to immediate use and was a popular spot each Friday for Bingo well into the ‘90s!

Parishioner Alvina Petit as Bingo cashier c. 1986.

Many parish and school functions have taken place here – Coffee and Donuts after Sunday Masses, monthly bagged meal assembly for Path Forward (formerly A-SPAN), Lenten Soup Suppers, Parish Picnics, vacation Bible camps, Fall Festivals, school Galas, ARE programs, Las Posadas and other Christmas and feast day celebrations, post-sacrament receptions, school lunches, and meetings of various ministry groups to name just some of these.

St. Valentine Day Celebration, 2021.

Soup Supper 2002, Connie Morper, Doris Vitt, Virginia Moran.

Parish Picnic 2012 Pat Daley, Jane Buzalski, Helen Kress, Rose Ruvolo.

Parish Picnic 2012, volunteers Gabriela and Roció Velázquez, Alejandra Rocabado, and Aida Veliz.

Junior Choir performs at TACTS party with Santa, December 2002.

Las Posadas 2006, “Mary and Joseph” knocking at the door of the “Inn” to be shown to the stable.

The hall is also available for parishioners’ private events such as funeral receptions and anniversary celebrations.

While the new church was being built in 2003-2004, the hall remained accessible through the back door on N. Frederick Street but was seldom used during that period. The attachment of the 2 buildings at the original front door to the hall created a lot of dirt and debris. The hall and kitchen needed a thorough cleaning after construction was complete, much of which was done by parish volunteers.

Construction detail showing narthex connecting new church to Parish Hall, 2004.

The hall and kitchen have been refurbished a number of times. Most recently, new flooring was installed, the interior was repainted, and the kitchen was completely remodeled and updated to make it more functional.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, the hall was available for viewing live Masses for those who were not ready or able to attend in the Main Church.

Live-streamed Mass during Covid-19 pandemic, 2021.

The flags that adorn the kitchen wall represent the countries of origin of many of our parishioners. The crucifix that blesses this space first hung above the altar in the new church building.

Although many activities ordinarily held here were curtailed by the Covid-19 pandemic, they have been slowly resuming. We look forward to the time when we can all gather regularly in this welcoming place again.