Box of Joy

Activity: Participate in Box of Joy Project, sponsored by Cross Catholic Outreach.

  • Annual collection with other local Catholic schools, parishes, and groups nationwide with boxes filled with donations of toys and other gifts.  St. Ann Box of Joy has taken place every year since 2017 with many hundreds of boxes donated each year.
  • Parishioners share the joy of Christmas and plant seeds of hope for children suffering from extreme poverty in several Central American and Caribbean countries including Guatemala, Nicaragua, Haiti, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Honduras, and Grenada.
  • The St. Ann Box of Joy begins with the pickup of empty boxes in the Narthex, usually in late October, to be returned filled with gifts three weeks later.
  • St. Ann also serves as the drop-off point for the Arlington Diocese.

Volunteers:  All age groups and families.
Time Commitment:  The time it takes to donate, fill, and drop off the boxes.
Contact: Heather Bryant at

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