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Being a Cantor
at St Ann Catholic Church


Liturgical Seasons


Welcome to our Cantor page.

Cantoring is an essential part of our liturgical celebrations. Being a cantor is foremost being a minister. The role of a cantor is a dual one. As a cantor you proclaim the Word in singing the Psalm from the ambo. As a leader of songs you lead the assembly into congregational singing.




Important Links on Cantoring

Cantors: Information – Notes – Schedule

Guidelines for Cantors (excellent document from the Diocese of Lansing, MI)

Cantoring at St Ann-Information and Schedule

Liturgy Cycles (old document)


We are soon entering Holy Week (Triduum) and the Easter Season For all English singing choirs, we are using PBotti’s Lenten Gospel Acclamation all the way to Good Friday. For the 9:00 am Traditional Choir, we are using the Respond and Acclaim book from Oregon Catholic Press for our Responsorial Psalms. For the 5:30 pm Vigil Choir, we are using the Spirit and Song book from Oregon Catholic Press. For the 11:00 am Contemporary Choir, we are using The Living Church Acclaims book for Zeal Music Publisher In some instances we will use a different setting of a Psalm. For example we will use the Joncas’ setting of Psalm 118 “This is the Day” for Easter instead.


Liturgy Music Program: The weekly music program as well as the music program for the Holy Days is listed . Each week is presented as a pdf file that is printable and downloadable. The printed music is available in the music section of the page. When available, links to recordings on YouTube will be provided. For copyright reasons, this page does not host audio recording of the music for our celebrations unless those are in the Public Domain (which is rare).

Cantors at St Ann Catholic Church: All our cantors are members of the 5:30 pm Vigil Group and the 9:00 am Traditional Choir. For training and setup reasons, the 11:00 am Contemporary Choir does not have yet cantors. Instead, the Responsorial Psalm is sung from the choir area. This is only temporary, as in keeping with our liturgical guidelines, the Responsorial Psalm has to be proclaimed from the ambo. The cantors rehearse with the choir they are mambers of. However, there will be in the future personalized training for cantors See Schedules and Notes.

Cantor Resources: 1. Psalm Book: Respond and Acclaim (traditional),Respond and Acclaim (Vigil), The Living Church Acclaim (Contemporary) books, 2. Gather 3 Hymnal. 3. Additional printed resources when required.

Link on Liturgical Cycles

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