Updates About How St. Ann Parish Is Celebrating Our 75 Year Jubilee! Sign Up for the New Parish Pictorial Directory, History Subcommittee, Malawi Mission, Evangelization

Did you know that our parish of Saint Ann was founded on September 25, 1947?

Our theme for this Jubilee Year is:

         Saint Ann 75th Jubilee Year

         Remembering. Celebrating. Renewing

        “I am with you always.” (Mt 28:20).

¿Sabías que nuestra parroquia de Santa Ana fue fundada el 25 de septiembre de 1947?

Nuestro tema para este Año Jubilar es

     Santa Ana 75 Año Jubilar

     Recordando. Celebrando. Renovando

    “Estoy contigo siempre”. (Mt 28:20).


Our parish is doing much to commemorate our Jubilee Year.  Several Committees have been formed including a Mission Outreach Committee, a History of St. Ann Parish Committee, and Evangelization Committee and a Parish Directory Committee.

Updates on How St. Ann Parish is Celebrating our Celebrates Our 75 Year Jubilee

Parish Directory Committee:

Sign up Now for your Professional Portrait for the 75th Jubilee Parish Directory:

Our parish directory will help us get to know each other better in addition to being a treasured keeps sake capturing our historical 75th Jubilee.  SIGN UP NOW  to secure your preferred time for your very own professional portrait. There are convenient times during the week or on the weekends. Please click the following link to make an appointment.

Or if you prefer, you can sign up with Portrait Café who is working with us on the parish directory.  Representatives will be calling you to schedule a convenient time just for you. Look for a call from 877-896-9667 or 423-479-6186.

Thank you for your participation in this important 75th Jubilee event.  For questions, please text or call Marybeth Fraser at 703.798.1803.  Don’t be M.I.J.C.D. (Missing in Jubilee Church Directory)!


Thank you for your participation in this important 75th Jubilee event.  For questions, please text or call Marybeth Fraser at 703.798.1803.

Portrait Sessions

Thursday, June 2 – Tuesday, June 7, 2022

Thursday, June 9 – Tuesday, June 14, 2022

History Subcommittee:

Our 75th Anniversary History Subcommittee is working on several projects as part of our  anniversary celebration:

These are:  1) a “Saint Ann History Walk”, a self-guided walk around our campus with history highlights

2) a History Display of historic photos, documents, and artifacts in the Narthex and Parish Hall, including a hands-on corner for younger parishioners

3) a Ministry History Pamphlet celebrating our ministries, past and present.

Will you consider lending or donating your Saint Ann photos or documents or objects to be included in our displays?  You can drop off items at the church office (marked with contact info and whether it’s a loan or donation) by the end of April.  Need someone to pick up your items? Questions?  Email or call Mona Murphy Fox at monamurphy99@gmail.com or 703-622-0879.  Thank you.


Evangelization Subcommittee:

Evangelization for the Jubilee anniversary invites you to the view the virtual “Renewing Faith Series” entitled,  Reflecting on the Real Presence of Christ through the rhythm of the celebration and how this experience molds our ways of living.  

The April installment is available here:

The May installment is available here:

More Past Installments of the Renewing Faith Series (Liturgy Series) are available elsewhere on the website or simply click the St. Ann Statue below:

Learn more about our Mission Outreach to Malawi Mission:

Click here:

To donate, please use Faith Direct, or provide a check made out to Saint Ann Church, with CICM Malawi Mission on the memo line.

For questions or more information, contact Jim Ward, Mission Outreach Committee (jim.b.ward@gmail.com).