Saint of the Week – St. Isaac Jogues, a North American martyr

St. Isaac Jogues

Feast Date-October 19

Born in Orleans, France, Isaac joined the Jesuits at a young age and was sent to his order’s North American mission in 1636.  He and Rene Goupil were captured and tortured by a band of Iroquois in 1642. Rene was killed and Isaac was held as a slave until his rescue by Dutch settlers. He returned to France, secured permission to continue saying Mass despite mutilated hands, and returned to Canada in 1644. He and John Lalande were tomahawked and beheaded by Huron Indians who invited them to a meal. These three and five others, the North American martyrs, are patron saints of Canada and North America. They share this feast and shrines in New York State and Ontario, Canada.