Parish Mission with Jon Leonetti

Best-selling author Jon Leonetti will be at St. Ann’s March 27-29th!

St. Ann’s is excited to announce that best-selling author and Catholic speaker, Jon Leonetti, will be leading a three-evening Parish Mission you will never forget March 27-29th. Mark your calendars! #surgeoftheheart #jonleonetti

Click here for more information on the Three Evening Parish Mission by Jon Leonetti.

SURGE OF THE HEART is a LIVE three evening deep-dive into the truth and beauty of Catholicism. Please join us and be renewed, for Lent and for life! Surge of the Heart trailer:

Click here for summary of the St. Ann Lenten Parish Mission “Surge of the Heart”

Jon Leonetti & Surge of the Heart Radio Interview Podcast on Grace in 30, with Sal D’Itri

Find out what Jon Leonetti has in store for you during the 3 night Surge of the Heart Mission talks by tuning in to the Grace in 30 radio podcast interview. Listen in as Saint Ann parishioner and Grace in 30 host, Sal D’Itri, interviews Jon Leonetti, and they discuss his upcoming visit March 27, 28 & 29.

Click here to listen to Grace in 30 Interview with Jon Leonetti