Hospice Ministry

St. Ann Church’s Hospice Ministry is the smaller part of the combined “Hospital and Hospice Ministry.” Lay Ministers are both commissioned as Ministers by the church and vetted as Capital Caring Spiritual Support Volunteers. Ministers tend to the spiritual needs of individuals in “life-limiting” circumstances through visits to Capital Caring’s Halquist Memorial Inpatient Center in Arlington. An assigned minister visits patients at the center each Sunday and Wednesday. The lay minister’s function is to be the presence of Christ and of the Church to the patient and to his or her family and friends who may be visiting. The form of the visit is dependent on the wishes and condition of the patient; – Holy Communion, – praying with, – or praying for, the patient.

Activity:   Administer Holy Communion to Catholics at the Capital Hospice, N.   15th St., Arlington.
Volunteers:   Adults
Time Commitment:  About 1.5-2.5 hours, one day per month on a rotating basis.
Contact:  Mary E. Green, 703-534-2166, mgreenarl@msn.com

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