Vocalists and instrumentalists of all ages serve at Mass, and other services, including holy days and holidays: 



Activity:  Lead the congregation in song.

Volunteers:  Young Adult, Adult, Seniors

Time Commitment:   3 hours/week; 1 Mass plus practice 1 hour before Mass.

Contact: Jamie Sample, email is

Contemporary Choir

Activity:  Sings all varieties of Church music accompanied by musicians.

Volunteers:   Teen and up (parental involvement desired for teens)

Time Commitment:  11 a.m. Sunday Mass and by request at special events, practice every other Tuesday at 7:30 p.m. in the church.

Contact:  Karen Schroeder, e-mail is

Spanish Language Choir 

Activity:   Offers music ministry during Sunday’s Spanish language Mass.

Volunteers:  Adult

Time Commitment:  1:30 Mass on Sunday; practices.

Contact: Miguel Ayala,

Traditional Choir

Activity:   A four-part group singing all varieties of Church music with musical accompaniment.

Volunteers:   All ages

Time Commitment:   1 mass and 2 rehearsals (one Thursday nights @ 7:30 and one Sunday morning @ 8:50 am.) per week for a total of 4 hrs

Contact:  Jamie Sample, email is

Youth Choir

Activity:   guides the congregation in song on selected Sundays

Volunteers:  students in grades 4-12

Time Commitment:  2 hours:  practice 2-3 hours during selected week prior to one monthly Mass.

Contact:  Jamie Sample,

Special Events Music Planning

To hire a cantor, organist or other musician for a parishioner’s funeral, wedding, baptism, etc., contact Director of Music, Jamie Sample at