Church Arts & Environment Committee


AAltar Guildctivity:  Prepare and maintain the church’s interior décor and display of plants, flowers, artwork, and seasonal decorations.   There are two main groups under this committee:

  • Altar preparation: This group cares for the altar linens and sacred vessels used at Mass, furnishes the altar to correspond to the liturgical seasons, and keeps the sacristy and sanctuary clean and in order.
  • Flowers and plants: This group helps create an atmosphere of beauty and reverence by decorating and preparing the altar Sanctuary and church for the liturgical seasons, as well as for individual Sundays and feasts.   Contact  Laura Ryan, 703-237-9094,

Volunteers:  All Ages including families, school or scouting groups, children with proper supervision

Time Commitment:  One time volunteers welcome, more volunteers needed during Easter, Advent, Christmas, 1-2 hour commitment per time, sign-up sheet and more information available on our website:

Committee Head:  Mary Ann Mercer, 703-931-6356,